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Why Outsourcing

We all know how painstaking some of the administrative tasks in lettings can be.

It’s no mystery that several organisations struggle with key resources being tied up with tasks that are not revenue generating. This is where we can help.

Having run a chain of lettings companies across the West midlands county, we understand the pressure points of the business and we have created a model where we can seamlessly work with your team. Our aim is to free up your staff time so they can focus on business generation and customer satisfaction while we keep the administrative engine moving.

With a white labelled service, we act as one entity to the end-user. More importantly if your business grows we can support the scalability of your business without you having to increase your operational overheads.

Our proposition is to streamline and increase efficiencies with quality as our primary focus.

This is not just sales jargon. We are doing this for clients as you read this. We are passionate about our work and we love to look after our clients so please talk to us so we can explain this more in detail.

We focus on quality and efficiency. Aside to this there are other areas where you benefit as our client:

Savings on NI and PAYE
Savings on scheduled leave
Savings on training and management
Savings on operational costs such as desk space, computers, etc
No downtime for holiday and sickness days
Simple charging
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