Successful outsourcing is all about the people – Your People

That’s why we have created this free, simple guide, so that you understand exactly what you need to look out for in a new outsource partner. A partner who can deliver a forever home.

Here’s our guide to FIVE key considerations for successful outsourcing:

1) More Than Just Functions

Your outsourcing partner needs to offer more than IT or Accounting support. At Kaypio, our service enables businesses to automate and outsource a vast swathe of processes across the organisation.

2) Competitive Edge

It’s no secret that the lettings sector is incredibly competitive.

Your outsourcing partner must offer your business a genuine competitive edge by freeing up your talented staff to focus on core activities like relationship building and scaling up, because most of the admin heavy tasks is being handled by your extended team (Your Outsourcing Partner).

3) Better Customer Service

Working with experts in outsourcing and automation enables lettings businesses to offer consistently excellent service.

With the Kaypio team operating across two geographical time zones, we are able to give a wider cover to your clients. Data is properly managed, and timelines are correct, meaning no more late licensing applications or missing gas safety certificates.

4) Finding the right partner

First and foremost, you need to be confident that your outsourcing partner is truly an industry expert.

Lettings is a complicated sector, and you need be sure that your outsourcing partner knows it inside and out. You’re looking for a well-known and respected provider whose client list includes major agencies. Ideally your outsourcing partner will also offer their own tech solutions that are specifically designed for the lettings industry.

5) Which processes should you outsource?

Kaypio’s team is tech-enabled, and our people are experts at designing intelligent process flows that streamline your business, reduce admin effort, and slash training costs.

We work closely with our customers to map their existing process across any problem areas of the business and offer consultancy on identifying best practice and streamlined ways to handle the work. How outsourcing sets your business free for GROWTH!

Some areas where we have collaborated are:

  • Front Office Management
  • Property Management Services
  • Client Account Management Services
  • Lettings Outsourcing – Consultancy and
  • Digital Transformation